The Seattle Gaels, as part of the North American County Board (NACB) of the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) is involved in developing and promoting coaches and coaching methods to make our players not only competitive, but to make the games fun and safe – for all ages and skill levels.

The GAA has established a Coaching certification program, designed to train and develop coaches in the sports of hurling and Gaelic football. The Seattle Gaels are fortunate to have two members who have gained certification as Coach-Tutors, and can train new coaches and assistant coaches, as well as nearly a dozen members who have gained certification as GAA Assistant Coaches. If you have questions or interest in any aspect of Gaelic sports coaching, contact either of our certified GAA Coach-Tutors:

The coach has a central role in the development of the GAA player. Coaches assist players in developing to their potential – whatever that maybe. The challenge for the coach is to create the right conditions for learning to happen and to empower the player to develop him/herself to reach their potential.

Coaching information is provided for coaches of children, youths and adults. This is to recognise the many differences that coaches are faced with when coaching each of these age and development stages. Much of the information on the art of coaching will apply across the three stages, but differences in technical, tactical and team play development as well as physical and psychological areas are dealt with according to the stage of development.


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