Ladies’ Football

Gaelic, as many of our ladies call it, combines several different athletic skill sets into one game. This makes it a fantastic choice for anyone who’s ever played rugby, soccer, basketball and even volleyball. While the men’s version of Gaelic football is usually marked by long shots from far back on the field, the women’s game involves a lot of exciting, in-the-goalie’s-face net action. And since a goal is worth three points, you never know what impressive total you’ll see on the scoreboard at game’s end!

The Seattle Lady Gaels have an immensely successful history, having won the Division B Championship Cup at Chicago’s 2007 National Tournament! They are extremely excited about building on that legacy and into the future.

Differences from men’s football

Although most of the rules of the game are parallel to those for men’s Gaelic football, there are some differences. The main ones are:

  • A player may pick the ball up directly from the ground, so long as she is standing
  • All matches last 60 minutes; in the men’s game, senior inter-county games last 70
  • Kickouts may be taken from the hand
  • A countdown clock with siren is used if available; in the men’s game, the referee decides the end of the game
  • It is permitted to change the ball from one hand to the other
  • All deliberate bodily contact is forbidden except when “shadowing” an opponent, competing to catch the ball, or blocking the delivery of the ball.

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