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Introduce Gaelic Football to your High School Physical Education Program

This centuries-old sport brings fresh vitality to your PE program. Gaelic Football is an Irish field sport combining the very best of soccer, volleyball, basketball and rugby.

High Participation

The sport is fun to play for both boys and girls. Teachers consistently achieve 85-90% participation rates from their students.

Easy to Teach/Easy to Learn

The skills of Gaelic Football are already well known to students from basketball, volleyball and other sports. Most students can transition to full game play after less than 20 minutes of instruction.

Levels the Playing Field for All Students

Relatively new in the US — virtually every student approaches Gaelic Football as a rookie. The novelty aids in uniformity of instruction and encourages students to participate. Non-joiner students relate well with the game.

Benefits of Play

Hands and feet are both used. Game rules favor ball sharing and result in high scoring. Play is fast and dynamic. Hand/eye/foot coordination, cooperative play skills and aerobic fitness are easily developed.

Low Costs

Official Gaelic Football gear costs about $120 to outfit a class of 30, but the sport can be played at no additional costs, using your existing soccer equipment.

Getting Started

In many cities experienced coaches can come to your PE classes and work directly with you and your students. You will be ready to teach independently after only one day. On-line lesson-planning materials will keep you moving.