2019 Sub-Committee Sign-Up

Do you have some great ideas on how to help the club recruit more awesome members, raise money so we can have even more fun, or celebrate our 4 decades in the best way possible? Maybe you’re not an idea person, but you want to help execute on others’ ideas? Now’s your chance! Please sign-up for as many sub-committees that you would like to help out with using the form below.

Some ideas of what to expect on on each sub-committee (but don’t feel limited to this if you have other ideas!):

Event ideas for recruiting new members.
Develop promotional materials (posters, flyers, etc) and distribute, involve full club in distribution plan.

Event ideas for fundraising.
Seek club sponsorships/involve full club in plan for gaining sponsors.
Develop plan to promote fundraising events.

40th Anniversary Celebration:
Solidify dates & events for 40th Anniversary Celebration.
Plan, promote, and execute events – work with Irish Network and IHC.
Plan raffles, giveaways, ticket pricing for events.

Want to up your support?

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