Hurling and Camogie City League



Team Win Loss Points For Points Against
Black Team 4 0 124 92
Blue Team 1 2 90 77
Green Team 0 3 51 96


Thursday May 23: Blue Team (2-16) vs. Black Team (6-8)
Thursday May 30: Black Team (5-13) vs. Green Team (4-13)
Thursday June 13: Blue Team (11-6) vs. Green Team (2-4)
Thursday June 27: Black Team (9-14) vs. Blue Team (6-11)
Thursday July 11: Green Team (2-10) vs. Black Team (4-17)
Thursday July 25: Green Team vs. Blue Team*

Finals (Top 2 teams): Early August

*may change if better field opportunities come along

City League Teams

Blue Team

Barry O’Brien
Brian Pickrell
Camille Clarke (C)
Coy Morris
Dan Mathewson
Eamonn Colman
Erin Brumbaugh

James Cash

Jason Croskery
Kevin Brown
Meg Bolger
Nate Washam (C)
Paul McGarry
Sarah Zook
Shawn Sprinkles
Tommy Swartz
Vanessa Asari
Ed (Tacoma)
Robert (Tacoma)

Black Team

Chris Rothwell
Conor Bagnell
Curtis Buckallew (C)
Eoin Hannon
Heather Morris
James Lopez
Jenna Volcko
John Beckett
Kevin Bolger
Kyrah Venter
Lindsay Brown (C)
Lisa Patrick
Lorcan French
Mitchell Bush
Nick Jones
Theo Butcher
Thomas Sergneri
Brett (Tacoma)
Garrett (Tacoma)

Green Team

Alex Dagg
Alison Leonard (C)
Anita Chen
Chris Anderson
Clayton Reid
Curran O’Brien (C)
Gary Gallagher
James Ludden
Joe Lavy
Josh Slocum
Laura Spangenberg
Lauren Greathouse
Ranko Asari
Sean Bennett
Taige McMahon
Terry Creighton
CJ (Tacoma)
Cody (Tacoma)
Tom Lagen (Tacoma)

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