About the Program

The North American GAA Schools Program is a powerful component that can be a terrific addition to any physical education curriculum, and easily added to any GAA club’s youth structure.

For schools, Gaelic Football combines skills from sports that students are already familiar with - soccer, basketball, volleyball, etc. - and puts them together into a fun and exciting activity that has a high engagement level, and allows all students to participate, regardless of athletic ability.

For GAA clubs, the program leverages your club’s coaching talents by using your local schools’ normal Physical Education programs to produce new GAA players. It is easy to operate successfully and it results in large numbers of young people being introduced to Gaelic games -- year after year -- through their school PE programs.

Teachers discuss integrating Gaelic Football into their PE program

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Seattle Gaels Youth Program:

Kathlyn Quinn (GAA Games Development Officer):

Teachers, principals and school administrators are invited to contact Tracy Schellberg at Skyline High School in Sammamish, WA to learn more about her practical experience putting a Gaelic sports program into place:

Tracy Schellberg: